Say cheese

Cheese.  Fromage. Formaggio. Queso. Kaas.

To me, cheese is the great culinary art form.  From humble milk, comes glorious luxury.  It adds so much in cooking — enriching sauces, salads, soups, and sandwiches with just a shave here, a smidgen there.  But serious cheese, the best of the best, deserves center-stage: a smartly-composed cheese plate.  And likewise, a smart cheese plate demands the best cheese.  That’s why Devil’s Food is pleased to announce our new partnership with Olivier Boye and his company, Corsican Cellar.

Olivier is a native Corsican, who grew up just outside of Paris and now resides in Seattle.  Over the years, he has cultivated personal relationships with small artisan cheesemakers all over Europe and the Pacific Northwest as well.  No one takes as good of care of their cheese as Olivier does, such a perishable product.  Tasting with Olivier takes a full afternoon as he recounts stories from his travels and slowly works his way through the Corsican Cellar catalog.  When you taste these cheeses on the newly revamped “Devil’s Cheese Plate”, you’ll see what the fuss is all about.  From the creamy, mushroomy richness of Tomme Crayeuse to the nutty, sweet, crystalline Maritchas; these fresh flavors will blow you away!

Of course, “The Devil’s Cheese Plate” will continue to come piled high with our beloved house-made pickles and jams, candied nuts, dried and fresh fruits, and bread and crackers.  Order one for your own party today and totally impress your guests!

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