Ready, Set, Launch!

Goodness, it’s almost hard to believe, but our new site is live. How do you like the new look and feel? The easy navigation? All the fun photos and delicious menus?

We knew it was time for a little website refresh, or a good polish, if you will. Plus, we had some new business ideas —like delivery!— that we wanted to put out into the world. The new look and feel of the site reflects where we’ve always been: buttoned up and neat with a mischievous grin, fun and upbeat, classic, delicious food with a little twist and impeccable presentation. We hope now it’s easier for us to communicate our fresh ideas and for you to find what you need in planning your next event.

We couldn’t have done this without a lot of people’s help, so we wanted to thank them here.

George Winborn and his team (Annie Chapman, Glenn Goodfellow, Rebecca Hickey) at Winborn & Company. Who would have thought that 2 years after catering his wedding, I’d be telling George all the in’s and out’s of the catering biz in Portland? He and his team gave me the space I needed to put down on paper everything I’d been thinking about for ages. Then they helped me bring this vision to life with a new site, new photography and everything else you see here. Thanks so much, guys! George and his team continue to create our ongoing marketing: email, social media, and more. You can see more of their work here: George collaborates with Rebecca Hickey of RLH Creative for the programming end of things. You can learn more about her here:

Aaron Hewitt, photographer extraordinaire, helped us do more than we could have expected in a one-day shoot. He saw how we could make our vision for a fun retro look a reality. His expert lighting, courteous assistants and whipsmart post-production skills made what could have been a really tough process, totally seamless. We love the images and hope you do, too! You can see more of Aaron’s stuff here:

Amy Nowatski, photoshoot producer, costumer, set decorator, cheerleader. Amy helped us with everything from researching images and brainstorming shots to finding the perfect outfits, to working with the modeling agency, to finding the perfect hair and makeup person. (Great Job Katherine Ross!) Thank you, Amy, for making it all happen on time and within budget. Let me know if you need Amy’s services and I’ll put you in touch.

Denise and Michael Higgins, owners of the fabulous mid-century home in Bridlemile that became the set for the shoot. Thank you for your trusting hospitality. Not just anyone would allow a herd of photographers, caterers, stylists and models to take over their home while away at work.

Katie Sloan, Nate Olson, and the rest of the Devil’s Food Catering team. As always, you guys continue to impress me with your abilities to multi-task and deliver (ok, I’m biased) the best service, food and celebratory experience in Portland. Nate appears as our delivery boy in the Deliver shot, as well as the “Twist Master” in the party scene. How’s that for multi-tasking? A friend of the Devil, the lovely and gorgeous Carrie Von Kiel, lent her effortless poise and daylong sense of humor.

Re-creating this site has given me time to reflect on the past seven years of being in business, and helped validate once again why I love doing what I do and why I love doing it here, in the city I love. In the end, it’s all about helping people celebrate important moments with the people in their lives.

5 Responses to “Ready, Set, Launch!”
  1. Caroline says:

    The site looks divine, Charles!! Great work and DEVILISHLY delicious!

  2. Thanks for the mention! Love the event & food photos included in the new blog posts–fantastic!

  3. Big Girls In Tights says:

    LOVE the vintage clothes and LOVE the great work Amy did!!
    Wish we could attend one of your amazing parties- we are 3,000 miles away!!

  4. Eric Hatch says:

    What a great story and beautiful new website! Congrats! I hope we see you on Lake Shasta in July!

  5. Denise Higgins says:

    It was such fun to have you, Amy, and your team and scrumptious foods in our home. We’re so happy that you found our modest mid-century the spot for your photoshoot. Thanks, and all the best.

    Denise (& Michael)

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