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Say cheese

Cheese.  Fromage. Formaggio. Queso. Kaas.

To me, cheese is the great culinary art form.  From humble milk, comes glorious luxury.  It adds so much in cooking — enriching sauces, salads, soups, and sandwiches with just a shave here, a smidgen there.  But serious cheese, the best of the best, deserves center-stage: a smartly-composed cheese plate.  And likewise, a smart cheese plate demands the best cheese.  That’s why Devil’s Food is pleased to announce our new partnership with Olivier Boye and his company, Corsican Cellar.

Olivier is a native Corsican, who grew up just outside of Paris and now resides in Seattle.  Over the years, he has cultivated personal relationships with small artisan cheesemakers all over Europe and the Pacific Northwest as well.  No one takes as good of care of their cheese as Olivier does, such a perishable product.  Tasting with Olivier takes a full afternoon as he recounts stories from his travels and slowly works his way through the Corsican Cellar catalog.  When you taste these cheeses on the newly revamped “Devil’s Cheese Plate”, you’ll see what the fuss is all about.  From the creamy, mushroomy richness of Tomme Crayeuse to the nutty, sweet, crystalline Maritchas; these fresh flavors will blow you away!

Of course, “The Devil’s Cheese Plate” will continue to come piled high with our beloved house-made pickles and jams, candied nuts, dried and fresh fruits, and bread and crackers.  Order one for your own party today and totally impress your guests!

New Menus Too

Take a look at some of our latest fab menu ideas and then get planning that party!


And the Delivery Goes To…

About this time of year, we begin to dream of trips to Hawaii and Palm Springs. Heck, we’d be happy seeing the other side of the Cascades if we could bathe in some extended warmth and sunshine.

It sounds like the perfect time to host a party to lift everyone’s spirits! Since every good party needs a theme, we think a glamorous Oscar party is called for. Imagine your friends parading up the walk for your own version of the red carpet: men in tuxes, ladies in their finest dresses. It would be fabulous.

It’d also be the perfect time to try out our new delivery service. Just let us know how many people you’re expecting three days before your party, and we’ll do all the work. We deliver your food beautifully arranged on our locally handmade platters, set everything up for you, then come back later for the dishes. All you have to do is host and enjoy!

We’ve laid out a menu below (along with a couple of yummy cocktail ideas) to inspire your planning and tempt your taste buds. Email us (charles@devilsfoodcatering.com) or ring our phone (503.233.9288) to place your order today!

-Oscar Night-

Menu for Delivery

Chilled wild salmon sliders
with pickled red onion, lemon zest aioli and crisp lettuce
skewered lime garnish
smoked chicken and pimento cheese filled turnovers
to be warmed in the oven

Oregon bay shrimp salads
with red onion, shaved fennel and orange segments
served in little lucite cups

bacon deviled eggs with chives
sliced spice-roasted porkloin
plattered with roasted red onion wedges
served with piquin chili spiced cantaloupe salsa
and mild jalapeno aioli
-served with split scallion cocktail rolls-

assorted veggie antipasto- colorful assortment
with rosemary white bean dip, sunchoke aioli
pickled onions and beets, fresh mozzarella cheese
served with corrugated toasts

$500.00 serves twenty


-Misty Moon-
2.5 pineapple
1.5 vodka
.75 chambord
shake it, strain it and top it with a
champagne float
garnish with a thin pineapple wedge (peel on)

-Sophia Loren-
1.5 oz Deco Ginger Rum
.5 oz Campari
2 oz grapefruit
shake it, strain it and top it with a
splash of soda
grapefruit peel garnish
(Let us know if you need a bartender and we’ll send one of our experts along to shake and stir for you.)

Saying “Cheese!” in “Oregon Bride”

We couldn’t wait to get our new look and feel out into the world. So even before we launched the new site, we created this ad for Oregon Bride magazine. It’s in their most recent issue, and on the newsstands for the next six months or so.

We just love the cheeky feel of it. Can you imagine if your new in-laws looked this sour? The disdainful expectation on their faces is too funny. Good thing they’re about to have some Devil’s Food and –as George’s mother used to say– “turn those frowns upside down”!

The ad can be found right in the middle of their Real Weddings section which features an amazing wedding that we catered at the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens.

Special thanks to Aaron Hewitt our photographer from Hello Artists, all the models for the shoot, Amy Nowatzki for helping set it all up, and Winborn & Company for coordinating the day of the shoot then working with us to create this fantastic ad.

H&M Grand Opening at Washington Sq.

On Wednesday, February 9th, we were on hand in full force to help H&M celebrate the grand opening of their second Portland outpost.

The press, along with 500 some odd guests, were invited to mingle, shop and politely squabble over the Swedish chain’s fab fashions. We served a menu of tray passed finger foods and sweets prepared hot and fresh from our mini makeshift kitchen set up in the back halls of the mega mall. We seemingly strung a mile of extension cords to every available outlet to power our fast paced operation.

Wild Salmon Sliders

The guests had no idea what we did behind the scenes. They only knew that they liked what they were eating and wanted more! We were happy to oblige.

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