The Devil’s Food Team

Founder Charles Stilwell

Charles Stilwell founded Devil’s Food Catering in 2003 after garnering years of experience managing everything from restaurants to large festival bars. For years, he was a top planner at a leading catering company in Portland, before he got the itch to strike out and put his own ideas in motion. Charles plans every event for Devil’s Food Catering and is the principal contact for our clients.

Charles loves creating parties from scratch. Each event is a new project. From devising the initial concept, to dreaming up a balanced menu, he creates a custom experience for every event we cater. For over 7 years, this has kept him (and many clients) devilishly happy. As a South Carolina native, Charles aims to instill a feeling of ease, hospitality and joy to our guests. Drawing inspiration from old cookbooks, his overseas travels, tasty conversations with friends, hungry daydreaming on long hikes and riffs on old-fashioned hospitality, Charles taps into his knowledge bank of foods and tastes to tailor each menu to the specific host and event.

Charles’ hallmark comes from putting innovative, modern twists on classic dishes. By first deconstructing a dish to its requisite ingredients, Charles then sees how he can change it or lighten it up, to give it a new feel or taste. This could come from sourcing local ingredients, adding an herb that piques an unexpected part of the taste palate, or any number of other creative factors. This tone of sweet discovery, plus Charles’ boundlessly creative ideas for hosting, makes him a respected resource for party goers across Portland and the Pacific Northwest.

Chef Drew Spencer

Hailing from Newcastle, Delaware, and the Art Institute of Philadelphia for Culinary Arts, Chef Drew Spencer brings a nuanced palate, a modern sensibility, and an insatiable appetite for all things new and innovative to the Devil’s Food kitchen.

His management style is informed by the deep understanding that attention to the myriad small details creates the big picture. He leads his team by demonstrating his belief that to achieve success on the plate you must prepare every dish with passion and love.

Operations Manager Katie Sloan

Katie is our full-time operations manager. She handles the detailed planning and arrangements that each event requires. She brings a great deal of catering experience, creativity and enthusiasm to our planning process. She is a point of contact for our clients and attends site visits and client meetings. She is on site for most events as managerial support. She is well suited to the job and provides excellent council to all those that have the good fortune to work with her.

Creative Director James Fowler

James grew up in the meat-and-potatoes world of Northeastern Kansas raised by his mother and always an avid advocate of food and fun. After studying classics at the University of Kansas, he drummed for the nearly-famous rock and roll band the Hefners. Then came culinary studies in New England, a stint as farm-to-school chef at SE Portland’s Abernethy Elementary, and plenty of cheddar-peddling alongside acclaimed cheesemongers Steve Jones and Sasha Davies. Now, he plans some of the biggest and swankiest events in the city.

James has an excellent palate, refined taste, a knack for menu writing, and an eye for design, and he is fully ready to help you plan your next swinging party. James’s passions include tennis, ping-pong, basketball, Japanese gardening, cocktails, Vespa, vinyl, and hanging with his friends, family, and felines. His wife Becky is a franco-philic wine wiz. Call him up today and tap his brain.