-Our commitment to the environment, community and the local economy-


We recycle all paper, glass, metal, plastic, office paper and cardboard in our kitchen. In 2007, we joined Metro’s PORTLAND COMPOSTS project, separating food waste in our kitchen and at offsite events. All compostable waste is brought back to Devil’s Food for composting.

We are a current City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development’s Recycle-works Award Winner, proving our commitment to sustainable practices.

Saving ENERGY-

Our kitchen has large windows and skylights. During daylight hours we often work under natural light only. We regularly set up carpools for our staff. Bicycling to work is encouraged. We installed a shower onsite to facilitate bike commuting.

Computer and office equipment are turned off at night. Vehicles are kept tuned, tires inflated and in good working order.

Giving back to COMMUNITY-

Properly stored leftover food from events is returned to those who need it. Either we drop off leftovers at The Blanchette House or Devil’s Food staff are permitted to take home food for their families.

We are a civic-minded group, committed to giving back to the community. Our cash and in-kind donations are directed at a diverse group of local organizations such as: Cascade Aids Project, Childpeace Montessori, The Oregon Historical Society, Our House of Portland, Quest Center, Literary Arts and more.

Sustainable PURCHASING-

Our menus and our purchasing reflect the seasons. We source all of our ingredients from local vendors. We directly purchase from several farms during the growing season. All of our food is handmade from scratch recipes using locally sourced ingredients as often as possible.

When called upon to provide disposable serviceware, we use only Cedar-Grove approved bio-compostable products.

We use only wild caught salmon and strive to use only sustainably raised seafood.